Cleaning Services

What We Offer

  • Customizable Cleaning Services (Day, Night, Weekend)
  • Fabric, Blind & Furniture Cleaning
  • Hard Floor Maintenance Cleaning
  • Waste and Recycling Management
  • Post-Construction Cleaning
  • Pre/Post Move-In Space Cleaning
  • Landscaping
  • Residential Sector Cleaning
  • Industrial Sector Cleaning 
  • Commercial Cleaning
  • Sanitizing and Disinfection Services

Janitorial Services

MLC janitorial services accentuate two elements, well-trained staff and the supply of the state of the art equipment and chemicals; thus, ensuring full compliance with the level of services, compliance with MLC standards, to attain customer satisfaction.

Our Janitorial staff undergoes an in-house extensive training program that encompasses the full spectrum in both, self-hygiene/appearance and their versatility and expertise in the management of equipment and supplies to perform their duties in a professional manner.

In line with our resolve to supply an exclusive service, our equipment procurement division is tasked with procuring cleaning equipment and chemicals, from the international market, of the highest standards; thus, ensuring an elevated level of performance.

Corporate hospitality

MLC assures its customers that it will always supply beverage caterers of impeccable standards, a level up and above competition standards.

Our staff, prior to their mobilization, undergo extensive training courses to acquaint themselves with appropriate techniques to service customers taking into consideration the customs and traditions of the locality.

The appearance and hygiene of all our staff are of our uppermost obligation. MLC has formulated checks and balances to ensure the constant appearance and hygiene of its staff through rigorous daily monitoring.

Glass Cleaning

MLC developed a High Rise Glass Cleaning division with highly trained staff equipped with full safety gear and equipment.

MLC skilled teams of High Rise Glass Cleaning are proficient in the proper procedure to handle all types of glass cleaning lifts and suspended cradles.

Disinfection Services

Due to the outbreak of viral diseases to pandemic proportions, MLC has developed a disinfection department compromised of professional disinfection team equipped with all required equipment and chemicals of international standards.

The disinfection procedures covers, and not limited to, offices/ clinics/ commercial areas/ residences/ restaurants/ showrooms etc.

MLC, through its disinfection methods, ensures the elimination of all microbial contaminations and the elimination and prevention of microorganisms such as the HINS, HINI, SARS, SALMONELLA, and the corona range of viruses including the COVID-19.

MLC specialized, chlorine-based chemicals, penetrates biofilm, small pores, and crevices. With a PH ranging from 3-11 it ensures the disinfection of all hard surfaces; and proven to be human safe, alcohol-free and non-carcinogenic